Online Data Warehouses

Online data warehouses are centralized data warehouses and information systems that allow businesses to develop insights and guide decision-making via business intelligence. They store data which has been gathered from various sources, like internal operational databases, customer-interface applications such as sales and marketing and other systems of external partners.

They serve as a single source of truth, centralizing information in a stable, non-volatile environment that is accessible to employees with authorization. A data warehouse is able to support online analytical processing (OLAP), which allows users to perform multidimensional data analysis fast and efficiently. A typical warehouse could be a large number of petabytes.

Data warehouse tools are software that support operations such as reading data, collecting, and moving large data sets. Examples of this include Xplenty, Amazon Redshift, Teradata, Informatica, and IBM Infosphere.

A data warehouse can help businesses make better decisions quicker by eliminating the need to rely on intuition and incomplete data or inefficient and slow systems. Furthermore, it gives the ability to analyze multiple times and detect patterns, allowing decision makers to feel more confident about their choices. Data warehousing is a valuable tool for businesses in any industry. It allows them to improve campaigns, decrease churn and boost revenue.

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