How to Prepare for a Corporate Board Seat Interview

You’ve worked hard to get an interview for a corporate board. You’ve completed everything you could to secure it – you’ve networked you profile, crafted your elevator speech and informed your professional network about your interest in board service and even applied. You should be proud you’ve achieved this milestone in your board journey. However, this interview is just one of the many steps you have to take on your path to landing the board seat.

The interview provides the company with a chance to see if you are able to help their business and help them reach their the strategic goals. During the interview, the company could ask questions about your experience and background to assess your leadership skills. They may also inquire about the nature of their board and how well you’ll integrate with the existing board members.

It is crucial to be ready for the interview by knowing your unique value proposition (BVP). It is important to know what sets you apart from other candidates and how it can add value to the company. This BVP should be on the forefront of your mind throughout the entire interview. Be aware of any conflicts of interests you may have, which might hinder you from becoming an official member of the board. This information will help you answer the questions of interviewers in a more logical manner.

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