Top Meeting Room Technology Trends

The best workplace technology can eliminate the logistical difficulties of running meetings and makes them more efficient, productive and collaborative. Meeting room technology trends can be used to improve productivity. They range from huddle rooms, to large conferences spaces.

Wireless presentation systems such as Montage allow multiple people to share their screens live with no cable limitations or issues. They can also display emergency and informational messages even when the room isn’t in use. This improves security and safety. These solutions are compatible with conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms and can be controlled from an app.

Interactive digital whiteboards can be a great way to gain the attention of participants during meetings by providing more multimedia capabilities than conventional options. These devices have a high resolution, which means that text and graphics can be clearly read even in varying ambient lighting conditions. These devices can be used with a variety of video conferencing services, and anyone present in the room is able to use them regardless of their device type or operating system.

For the best results, it is essential to select an integrator with experience when installing audiovisual solutions for your conference room. DIY solutions available at the local electronics store might seem appealing, but with time, they’ll be less reliable. A professional can assist you in choosing the right solution for your needs. They will also install it properly in a discreet manner, and then maintain it so that it lasts longer.

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