School Data Rooms Bring Data Out of the Drawers and Into the Open

The information school administrators collect is excellent however, they often end up storing them – literally. The accountability and assessment movements are pushing schools to move it out of drawers, but, instead, into the open. Some schools are taking a step further and have created schools with data rooms where teachers can look over student data in an organized and easily accessible manner.

Walls of color-coded sticky notes cover the walls of Gilliard Elementary School, Mobile, Alabama. The notes inform teachers about what their students are doing on reading and math standards as well as discipline records and attendance records.

The goal is to help teachers recognize and address students’ needs before they get out of hand. If a student is not attaining his or their reading goals The teacher may suggest extra instruction or work with them outside of school. If a student is having issues with behavior, the teacher can suggest counseling or even consider removing the child out of their class altogether.

In addition, by putting information in the spotlight teachers can also share their progress with their students–a key part of Baker’s approach. In the spring of 2013, a homeless student was proud to announce that he had met his reading goal.

Before you commit into a school data room, be sure you can ensure privacy of your students and adhere to FERPA guidelines. This is particularly important for classroom data displays, in which sensitive information such as counseling sessions and disciplinary actions can be revealed accidentally.

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