Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) for Sophisticated Document Management

As businesses grow they will find their documentation management and handling needs become more sophisticated. For example, when sales documents become more demanding in terms of requirements when they become commercial plans and opportunities with strict deadlines and requirements – it’s likely that they require a document-management solution that functions more like a Quality Management System and have features like ‘phase Gating’ or the ability to create auditable technical files in strict compliance with specifications.

This is where the best EDMS will be able to help. The best EDMS gives clear, organized digital areas for documents that span the gamut of operations from standard business forms (e.g., invoices receipts, contracts, and reports) to more specialized, specific industry documents such as proposals. This allows teams to focus on the things that matter to them, and allows managers to implement automation functions that improve their workflows.

The right EDMS will also allow users to manage modifications to the same document by providing versions and a record of what was changed and when. This enables the most current version of documents to be available at all times, reducing confusion and miscommunications between team members.

The right EDMS allows teams to communicate in a well-organized manner while keeping sensitive information secure. This can include tools for commenting, markup features and other censorship features that permit only team members with appropriate access rights to view information that is relevant to their specific job.


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