Board Meeting Recommendations

If you’re conducting an in-person meeting in your boardroom, or a remote board meeting from your couch There are a few essential strategies that will make your meetings go smoothly and efficiently.

Being punctual, preparing and starting on time are great methods to begin. Be sure that board members have everything they need before the meeting. Agendas that are well-written and clear and having them distributed early can help keep the meeting focused on the most important issues that must be discussed.

Avoid wasting time on reports. Long reports can quickly drown out the board’s discussion. Discuss reports from the leadership and committees only if you need to make decisions or supervise the board. The rest can be dealt with by email or in smaller meetings.

Limit discussions about features and roadmaps of productsThe direction of a business should not be influenced by what the CEO believes the market wants. Be aware of the reasons why you’re taking specific steps when discussing the product. This will ensure that you are on the right track and avoid the “Enron” effect, which occurs when an individual was too detached to be aware of the problems growing below the surface.

Schedule breaks for candor — These short periods of silence are designed to allow board members to talk about issues they aren’t comfortable discussing with their peers. They are often required to ensure that all viewpoints are heard and that everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves.

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