What Is Human Resource Management?

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Human resource management (HRM) involves managing the system and people that support the business goals of a company. It includes tasks like recruiting, interviewing and managing salary. It also includes training, record-keeping as well as workplace safety and keeping records. It also covers various legal duties such as compliance with employment and labor laws. HR managers are responsible to establish and enforce policies that ensure ethical conduct of employees.

HR professionals utilize data for making decisions regarding the compensation and benefits they offer, such as bonuses, salary increases as well as to monitor employee performance. HR managers need to be aware of developments and legal obligations regarding these issues that can change rapidly. They often collaborate with other departments in the development of strategies that are geared towards the larger goals of the company.

Companies that invest in a high-performing workforce experience higher productivity, sustainability, and profits. HR departments have the responsibility of encouraging and supporting employees to reach their full potential. They may employ a process called SWOT analysis to assess a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, then brainstorm specific ways to capitalize on the former and minimize the latter.

A good strategy will take a long time to implement. Unfortunately, HR managers are often pressured by pressures of the moment, such as budgets and annual plans to concentrate more on the immediate rather than long-term goals. However HR professionals who have succeeded understand the importance of perseverance and patience.

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