Turning Data Into Actionable Analytics

Many companies accumulate a lot of data, but don’t know what to do with it. It’s easy to gather data but it requires smart people to translate the data into meaningful information. This is a daunting task, especially since the three fast-changing technology areas of social, mobile and big data produce huge quantities of raw data which must be parsed for insight.

There are a few important techniques that can help your company turn more insights into actions. First, make sure that the right people are aware of your knowledge. The insights you collect are typically only actionable when they are shared with the right people or teams. For instance, an email showing the growth in sales for a particular sector might not be as beneficial for a team responsible for fulfilling orders as it is to someone in the C-suite.

You can also make use of predictive analytics by playing around with certain levers within your data model, and observing the outcomes. This allows you to become more precise in the actions you should take. For instance, a business might use predictive analytics to determine the effect on conversions if they increased the number of emails sent out to specific segments.

Then, you can try using natural language processing tools to analyze inputs and determine what your customers are asking about the most. You can then design resources that answer these queries and make them available to your customers so that they can resolve their own problems.


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